Kuis ini akan menguji kemampuan kamu dalam memahami berbagai kata mutiara dalam Bahasa Inggris. Semoga setelah beberapa kali mencoba, pemahaman proverbs kamu is getting better !

Konten akan selalu diupdate, silahkan di bookmark untuk mencobanya di lain kesempatan. Jumlah pertanyaan saat ini hampir seratus, namun akan disajikan 10 pertanyaan acak tiap sesi.

Do dare to try it for free guys, and good luck!


#1. Do not fear death

#2. People are less discreet under the influence of alcohol.

#3. Life is what you make it.

#4. Don’t miss opportunities that come along.

#5. Someone who helps you when you are in trouble is a real friend.

#6. Possibly: a person’s manners show their origins.

#7. It doesn’t cost anything to offer advice.

#8. You cannot expect to achieve anything if you don’t take risks.

#9. A well-done job takes time.

#10. Disclosing important information ( to the enemy or a competitor) could result in large losses.



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